Research Funding Policy

As resources permit, The Center for Human-Animal Interaction provides research support to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) faculty members and VCU faculty-sponsored dissertations for studies that directly relate to the Center’s mission: improved health and well-being through human-animal interaction. Research studies funded will further the field of human-animal interaction.

The maximum amount available for supporting research will be determined annually by the Center’s Executive Committee. Annually, the Executive Committee will name a Research Committee, whose role it will be to:

Elect a Committee Chair

Develop and periodically review research grant guidelines

Develop and disseminate a call for proposals

Review grant proposals submitted

Submit funding recommendations to the Executive Committee

Complete other research related tasks as designated by the Executive Committee

Grant proposals will be submitted to the Research Committee Chair, who will initially review the proposals to verify that they comply with the submission guidelines (guidelines and application attached). Those not complying with the guidelines will be returned to applicants indicating the reason for the return. For proposals that comply with the guidelines, the Research Committee Chair will determine a primary reviewer (from the Research Committee). Initially, proposals will be reviewed twice a year with deadlines established by the Research Committee. Reviewers will have four weeks to review proposals. During the 5th week following the submission deadline, the Committee will meet to discuss reviews and make recommendations for funding. These recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for funding approval. Applicants will be notified in writing of the final decision by the Research Committee Chair.