We Need Dogs on Call Sponsors


A child patient in a blue hospital gown kneels on the floor with a hospital dog resting its head in her lap.  The tan-colored doodle looks peaceful, and her handler looks at the child smiling and is smiling largely herself.

DOC Dog Elsa bringing the love!


CHAI’s biggest fundraiser of the year is the Dogs on Call Calendar.   These calendars are wildly popular and often sell out!


A pile of roughly 20 calendars is spread out on a table.  The covers of the calendars are each from a different year, and the photos on the covers vary from nurses to patients to children, all loving on DOC dogs.

Since 2005 the Dogs on Call calendar has been CHAI’s biggest fundraiser.


Would you like to be a sponsor for the 2025 Calendar and support Dogs on Call?

Page Sponsors – For a tax-deductible donation of $500.00, you can become a Calendar Page Sponsor. Just send us a high-resolution copy of your logo or photo and any business information (address, phone) or short text that you would like included in your acknowledgement space. In addition to publishing the graphic in our calendar you also get ten copies of the calendar and a mention on the sponsor page our website.

Three small graphics are displayed: the first graphic is a logo for the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU and shows the outline of a child jumping rope, the second is a picture of a beagle with a heart and someone's name written over the small picture, and the last is a picture of two frenchie dogs next to two labs with the caption

Examples of some of our Page Sponsors from last year.


A Miniature Schnauzer with a large beard and a blue Dogs on Call vest looks at the camera as a young boy, smiling and open-mouthed, pets the dog.

DOC dog Wiley amazing all with his glorious beard.


To get started – here’s how to pay for your sponsorship:

Payment with credit or debit card:

1) Visit the CHAI donation page and donate the requisite amount.


2) Email us at CHAI@VCUHealth.org to let us know your sponsorship details and send us your high-resolution logo or photo.



Payment with a check:

1) Write a check for the requisite amount and make it out to “MCVF” (or “Medical Campus of Virginia Foundation”). Make sure to write “50210” in the memo field of the check so that it goes to CHAI.


2) Mail the check to the following address:

          Dr. Nancy Gee, Director
          CHAI, Virginia Commonwealth University
          Box 980710
          Richmond, VA 23298-0710


3) Email us at CHAI@VCUHealth.org to let us know your sponsorship details and send us your high-resolution logo or photo.



If you need or would like an invoice for the donation:

1) Email us at CHAI@VCUHealth.org and request an invoice.  


We understand that not everyone is able to be Page Sponsor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support Dogs on Call. Please consider making any size donation (using the payment options above) or think about joining DogsJoining Dogs on Call on Call.



A young child is walking an even tinier tan Dogs on Call dog.  The child is walking alongside the DOC dog's human handler whom is holding a second leash that is also attached to the dog.

Just because he’s very little, doesn’t mean that DOC dog Beckett doesn’t bring huge comfort.


Please support Dogs on Call by being a sponsor or making a donation today!