Center Research Affiliates

Randolph T. Barker, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Business, VCU

Sandra B. Barker, Ph.D., NCC, LPC, Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry, VCU

Gonzalo M. L. Bearman, M.D., MPH, Professor and Chair, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases, VCU

James Bjork, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies, VCU

Pamela Dillon, Pharm.D., Assistant Professor and Research Liaison, Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research, VCU

Jeffrey D. Green, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, VCU

Lance J. Hampton, M.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Urology, VCU

Susan Kornstein, Ph.D., Professor, Psychiatry and Obstetrics and Gynecology, VCU

Ashlee R. Loughan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Neurology, VCU

Gretchen N. McCandless-Neigh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Anatomy, VCU

Shelby E. McDonald, Ph.D., Director of Research, ASPCA

Lisa Townsend, LCSW, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry