March 2018 Paws for Stress

March 12, 2018

Held during midterm week at Virginia Commonwealth University's Monroe Park Campus, this continuation of the Paws for Stress event lets students take a break from studying and get to meet several Dogs On Call therapy dogs. Despite the dreary weather, hundreds of students were able to enjoy the company of the therapy dogs. 



Dogs On Call therapy dog Dahlia, a German Shepherd with a coat of shades of brown and tan, turns her head to the right to look at the camera. Dahlia's blue Dogs On Call vest is visible.

Photo of Dahlia the German Shepherd by Jeff Nguyen 


Dogs On Call therapy dog Harley, a yellow lab, is standing on all four paws while looking up at the camera. The hands and feet of students off-screen are also visible.

Photo of Harley the yellow lab by Denice Ekey


Dogs On Call therapy dog Scout, a beagle with a mostly tan body except for white around his muzzle and up between his eyes as well as down the middle of his chest and front paws, is stroked by two off-screen students on his back

Photo of Scout the beagle by Jeff Nguyen