Paws for Stress held at The Student Commons on Monroe Park Campus.

December 11, 2014

 Held during final exam week at VCU Monroe Park Campus, the Paws for Stress event lets students relax and enjoy time with Dogs On Call therapy dogs. More than 800 students attended the event, and many faculty members (including Dr. Reuban Rodriguez, Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students) also dropped by to enjoy the break!

 Dr. Reuban Rodriguez of V C U is wearing a gray suit and smiling while holding Dogs On Call therapy dog Winnie, a yorkie.

 Dogs On Call therapy dog Wrigley, a golden retriever, stands happily while receiving back scratches and smiles from V C U students who are admiring Wrigley.


A Dogs On Call therapy dog is surrounded by 6 students and the dog's handler. the dog is watching their handler intently and the students are smiling